Tropical Fruit - Practical Tips

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In the free webinar Tropical Fruit - Practical Tips you will receive useful and practical information that will help you learn how to:

1) Select tropical fruit

2) Buy tropical fruit

3) Store tropical fruit

4) Consume tropical fruit

By watching this free webinar you will get direct insights into the world of tropical fruit. Thus, the next time you find yourself in the tropics, you will know exactly which fruit to buy, when the fruit is ripe enough and how to consume it

Just by seeing all the picture of various tropical fruits showcased in this free webinar, you will get inspiration to widen your spectrum of foods by introducing some of the most delicious and nutritious foods that is available on this Planet for humans.

Have fun while you get to know all the wonderful fruits that you may not have even heard of through this interesting, and informative presentation.

Get plenty of inspiration to get the tropical bites you want and deserve!

Welcome to this fun, yet educational, webinar with a view of delicious tropical flavours!

Marina from Health Glows

Marina from Health Glows is a certified raw vegan diet educator who has been professionally coaching people about a low fat raw vegan diet and healthy living since 2013 through her books, YouTube channel, retreats, webinars and online courses.

Personally, Marina has been eating exclusively a plant-based diet since 2005, and exclusively a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of nuts and seeds since 2012. This diet is very well described in the book "The 80 10 10 Diet" which Marina, as a graduate translator, translated from English to her mother tongue of Serbian.

Marina has been spending European winters in tropical countries Since 2013, and one of her passions is to share with people all the beauties of tropical fruits.